"Let It Breathe": November 2020

I originally intended to release this song over the summer, but it seems even more appropriate now as we approach a very divisive election in this country. This song means a lot of things to me...it was written shortly after leaving Colorado in the wake of a global pandemic and figuring out what my next step should be and how I could make it. But most of all, this song is a reminder to myself that everyone on this planet is struggling to find meaning, to create a story out of their lives. Almost always, in these stories, we are the main characters...we are heroes or victims, good and evil are at play. But when we take a step back we must realize it's not that simple. It's as important to embrace the imperfections within ourselves as it is to embrace it in others, to acknowledge our capacity for evil and other's capacity for good. It was after a pointless fight with someone very dear to me (of course the origins of which were quickly forgotten) that the line came to me: "if the best in you could love the worst in me". Because at the end of the day, I think (as cliche as it sounds) the most important thing in our stories is love - love for your neighbors, love for your family, love for yourself, and love for those you may disagree with.

We like to say things like "we're all in this together", but do we really mean it? Can we really look at people we may have no common ground with and realize that in the end they want and need the same things we do? I struggle with admitting when I'm wrong, and I struggle with empathy when I think someone else is wrong. I occupy myself with things that seem to have meaning, and sometimes I try to apply meaning to nothing with exhausting and pointless questions. But if we choose love and humility, we can let go of these things that run us around in circles and we can cherish what matters in life.

I hope this song brings you something. Download it above and pay what you can <3


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  • Jeff
    Jeff Binghamton, NY
    Well said, Alex.

    Well said, Alex.

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