1. Easy Days
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Easy Days

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These easy days, they're getting hard
Oh, I'd like to think I'd change things if I knew where to start
With my hollow heart and my rotten soul
With a million ways to feel young why do I feel so goddamn old these easy days?

Poor Brenda May, she's living the dream
All she has to worry about now is what it might have been
If she never met him
She lights a candle to keep out the cold
And she can travel to New Zealand in her dishwashing soap

What are we doing here?
We have everything to lose and we have nothing to fear
And why do we stand so tall?
Is it because when we look down we see how far we have to fall

These easy days, they're just not the same
Oh no, I'm drowning in the past for just a little taste of pain
You called my name, while you thought of her
But still I'll crawl right back to bed cause nothing gets me like the hurt


These easy days, they taste like gin
Oh, I drag around this body that I'm doing time in
It's some kind of sin to have it so good
Cause deep down we know that we're not living like we should


These easy days, they look so fine
Just like a sunset on a valley, or a fall leaf on a vine...