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"Pheonix, AZ" - May 2021 

We'd all like to visualize out lives as one big diagonal line, moving outward and upward with every day as we become the best versions of ourselves living our best lives. But anyone with life experience will tell you that is NOT how progress works. You can probably expect it to look more like a Six Flags ride in parts, but that's half of the fun! Every twist and unexpected turn is what makes life such an adventure. Sometimes there's a lesson, sometimes we grow, and sometimes we just mess up.

This song is about the uncertainty we all experience in the face of big changes. We make our pros and cons lists, we weigh the options, we question our own judgment...but at the end of the day that little voice inside our heads telling us something needs to change is the only thing that matters. Life needs momentum, and sometimes taking a step in the wrong direction is better than never moving out of fear. And on that note, I have a bittersweet announcement. While the girl in the song may be leaving Arizona, the girl who wrote the song is leaving Colorado. I really have come to love this place, I will miss it dearly and forever be grateful for the time I've spent will always be the first place that I've lived on my own. With that being said, I've had an overwhelming sense that it's time for a change, and moving out here has taught me that it pays to fearlessly follow your gut. So here's to celebrating the beautiful uncertainty of life...let's enjoy the ride! 

Creamer finds the sweet spot somewhere between late 1960s folk and late 1990s Lilith Fair, with confessional lyrics and stripped-back arrangements ”

— Chris Kocher

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